As Repline Foreign Trade Limited Company, we started our activities in 1992 with the distribution of personal care products, which we represent, to sales channels throughout Turkey. We have determined our focus to give priority to consumer satisfaction, to increase our brand awareness in the category of personal care and accessories, and to provide added value to the retail points where we work while doing all this.

In our Ankara-based company, we export to more than 20 countries, especially the Middle East Countries, for our brands, whose market share we are expanding. By taking the corporate identity of each brand as a reference, we ensure that its products meet with its customers in Turkey.

With our sales organizations in the Central Anatolia, Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean regions throughout Turkey, we provide perfumery, national and local chain stores, pharmacies, etc. We are widely available at all sales points.

We are the only representative in Turkey of the foreign origin Real Techniques, Ecotools and Trim cosmetic care brands. In addition, we are expanding the place of our brands Promani-Propedi, Glide'n Stlyle, Lush Lash and Bodylicious in the international market day by day. We continue the traditional and digital communication works of all brands within the scope of our company. We invest in all our brands with the same care, taking as reference the developments in the field of communication and the expectations of consumers.

At this point, we continue to contribute to our country's exports, both with the brands we represent and with our own brands, together with our successful staff.